[FEBRUARY 2015] RMRK Monthly Spotlight

Posted: March 01, 2015, 06:25:55 PM by yuyu!

- RMRK Monthly Spotlight -

Welcome to the first RMRK Monthly Spotlight! Just as the title suggests, there is a spotlight that will come monthly, operated by our very own machine-certified (not really but ok) moderators. Each month, we will cast the beaming and glorious spotlight upon very deserving, unsung heroes. The spotlight is going to have three general sections: 1. Great Contributions & Resources, 2. Games You Really Should Play, 3. Heroes of the Month. *Note: Due to this being a new thing, not all of these spotlights are necessarily from February!

Without further ado, let's do this.

Great Contributions & Resources
*Anything related to resources (scripts, graphics, music, etc) to be used in games or other media, as well as contributions that are made for fun and enjoyed by the community.
Etude87's Menu Editor
by Etude87
Even the best work-of-art games need their own menu design, and this little gem has got you covered. Here's a list of some of the features: edit menu commands, actor status windows, window position and size. You can also add things, such as: background images, time, gold, and name windows.

Click here for the VX version!

Journal Scene [VXA]
by VianoceGames
If you're working on creating an epic RPG adventure, chances are you'll need a journal to keep track of your player's progress. Journal scripts are rewarding, but can take up a lot of time to set up. This particular script is easy to use and gets the job done.

Meku's Songies
by Mekuso
Rmrk has become strangely popular among musician game makers in the past. Quietly, another one has slipped among us! If you want to hear some pretty neat stuff, Meku's songies are quite lovely!

Chaos Symphony
by pacmn (Pacman)
On the very last day of February (depending on your timezone, I guess), Pacman unleashes his greatness with a surprise song. This Symphony is well-designed and beautiful, truly a great piece! Many of our members enjoyed listening to its snazzy rhythm -- and we think you will, too!

Games You Really Should Play
*See your game here? Be proud! This is our way of showing off your hours of hard work that blossomed into the beautiful project you have today! As for everyone else: Play that game!
The Worldbuilder's Fate [VX]
by FlipelyFlip
The Worldbuilder's Fate is a beautiful game with a story that offers a lot of promise. Keep an eye out for the demo - this game already looks really, really great (and not just visually).
Speaking of visual greatness...

by ChainsawMelody
Like Metal Gear Solid? Well, you'll probably like this, too! Not only is this game cool-looking, but it seems to contain a lot of interesting features that replicate MGS 2. This ain't your normal fan game.
Behold the awesomeness:

Legend of the Moonhunter [VX]
by Geokoer
Years of work have been poured into this project, and the creator's dedication really shows! Legend of the Moonhunter is great at setting the environment, as well as providing an interesting cast of characters.
A look at the atmospheric world of Legend of the Moonhunter:

Grave Prosperity: Redux [Construct2]
by justabox21
Grave Prosperity is a horror game, designed with incredible 3-D graphics in the Construct2 engine. Before it became the masterpiece that we see today, this game was originally made in rpg maker...and STILL had 3-D graphics (what sorcery was that?). Aside from the 3-D graphics, the game has many mechanics in place to polish up the dark world justabox21 has crafted.

Heroes of the Month
*Here, we'll recognize specific members for any other contributions, assistance, or general awesomness that they kindly share with the rest of us internet peoples.

Take a look at the scripting section and I'm sure you'll see tons of SoulPour's work. SoulPour is a member that shows up bearing gifts and asks for nothing in return. The spotlight shines upon you, SoulPour! We greatly appreciate the contributions you have made to the forums!

Boe's crazy alter-ego tends to speak in a louder volume than the half of him that roams the forums, helping random strangers with their scripting issues. Well, we'd like to shine the light on this peaceful version of boe, and give him the love that he rightfully deserves.

See you all next month! In the meantime, please do not cease being awesome.

See any resources, games or people that you think deserve to bask in the glorious spotlight? Please post here and let us know!

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Twelve Days of Resources 2014

Posted: December 08, 2014, 02:55:56 PM by Acolyte

Original post by Zylos

Ah, the winter season is coming upon us. It's the time of year filled with good spirit, singing carolers, and lawsuits over saying "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays". But you know what? Screw legal restrictions, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! And as a little Christmas gift for this RPG Maker community, I'm going to give you a wonderful present this year: the greatest RPG Maker resource ever. Unfortunately, I don't actually have any resources at all to give you, let alone the greatest one ever. But that's where you come in!

We're going to hold a contest this Christmas season called The Twelve Days of Resources. For two weeks straight, we're going to have everyone and anyone work like Santa's elves to create some new RPG Maker resources before December 21st. Everyone of every skill level is invited to participate, no sign-ups or anything required, and you're allowed to submit up to a maximum of 25 resources for the contest. Once time's up, Santa's secret helpers will gather up and organize the submissions for TWELVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS of voting for your favorite resources. On the twelfth day, we'll gather up all the first and second place winners from the previous days and have them face off one last time to determine the greatest RPG Maker resource!

  • Submissions will be allowed up until 11:59:59 PM on December 20th in your respective timezone. You've got until then to build and post your resources, so you'd better hurry~
  • You are allowed to create any type of resource you wish, as long as it is usable in some version of RPG Maker. Examples include but are not limited to: sprites, icon, tilesets, battler graphics, facesets, animations, backgrounds/parallaxes, music, sound effects, even scripts. Just as long as it is a usable resource, meaning that half-done sprites or photographs of your prom will be tossed out.
  • If you decide create a script, please save it in a readable .txt format for downloading convenience.
  • You may submit up to 25 resources of any type and at any time, meaning that you could post two sprites today and four icons tomorrow if you wanted to. You may not submit more than 25 at most though. It'd look kinda silly anyway if there was a voting poll with nothing but your name on it.
  • It must be a new resource rather than something already made. Something that was finished even before the start of the contest will obviously be disqualified.
  • Editing existing resources is technically allowed, but it must be enough of a change to be accepted as a new piece and it must comply with any conditions set by the original creator (such as providing credit, non-commercial, and so forth). Santa's secret helpers will be reviewing each piece to determine whether it's original enough to be allowed or if it should be disqualified.
  • You may post resources for other people instead of yourself, if you have their permission and they don't have an RMRK account of their own. The resource must still be a new one though rather than something old from their gallery.
  • For our ease in separating the resources, please submit each resource as an individual file as opposed to one lump sum of an image. Facesets or tilesets are an obvious exception as they're meant to be bundled.

DEADLINE: Sunday December 21st, 2014

To submit a piece, simply bump this thread with your submission attached to your post, along with the piece's name, the creator's name if you're posting for a friend, and any additional info you wish to include in the post itself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask right here too. :3

Total Submitted: 5

Current Participants:

I hope to see a lot of people join in to show off their talent, and wish everyone an early Merry Christmas!

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Gaaaaaaame In A Week XIII!

Posted: August 09, 2014, 02:04:04 PM by Zylos

RMRK's bi-annual time-crunch competition is back again and with a vengeance! And with prizes!


It's there lucky thirteenth round (give or take) of our classic game creation contest where participants must put their skills to the test to produce an impressive game within a mere seven days. The winners will take home all the honor and glory that comes with making it to the top ranks, along with some fancy prizes this time for those who do well enough. We've got all sorts of random things to pass out, such as games like "Mirror's Edge", "To The Moon", and "Terraria", free requests for some of our veteran game designers to build something for you, even a free pizza night on us!
Our GIAW contests are always pack filled with nail-biting tension, hilarious trash talk from people who probably shouldn't be making games just yet, and just good clean fun. Plus there's prizes this time! Come join in on the fun!

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It's time for Game in a Week: Freedom ( XII )

Posted: February 03, 2014, 03:44:52 AM by tSwitch

Come one and all to experience the no-restrictions ( except for the time frame, sorry ) game competition tradition that RMRK has upheld for years!

Join our IRC channel at #crankeye ( irc.rmrk.net ) if you need an invitation key to sign up for an account.

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It's time for "Game In A Week XI"!!

Posted: July 17, 2013, 06:42:32 AM by yuyu!

Game In A Week XI

I am proud to host and present the newest GIAW, The Genre Grinder Challenge! This time, we're going to make the contest a little more exciting, with a set list of genres that the participants can choose from! You can also select between competing in "Normal Mode" or "Challenge Mode"!

Check out the contest here!

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RPG Maker VX Ace Script Search Engine

Posted: February 06, 2013, 01:35:01 AM by modern algebra

RPG Maker VX Ace Script Search Engine

RMRK is now hosting a custom google search engine designed for finding scripts for RMVX Ace!

Link: RMVXA Script Search Engine


Searching for scripts has never been a pleasant task, but in the past there were various strategies which made it fairly simple. However, scripters in the VX Ace generation have taken to starting their own blogs to host their scripts (see, for example, our External Script Sites List). That is great for creative control, but it has made conducting a comprehensive search fairly onerous, and, generally, just googling it is now the best available strategy.

However, general googling attracts its own host of problems. It will often turn up a lot of irrelevant results, and that can sometimes only be avoided by using limiting terms that may also reduce relevant results. However, Google Custom Search has saved the day! The above engine only searches RM sites with scripts and will give priority to VXA scripts. I hope it helps!

You can help!

Currently, the search engine searches only the sites listed in our External Script Sites List. If you know of any good sites not included there, then please let me know so I can add it to the list of sites searched. Keep in mind that the sites need to be in English and that they should actually host the scripts on that site.

Additionally, there is a feature that allows me to add synonyms. So, for instance, if someone searches "zelda battle", I have it set up so that the engine will also return results for ABS and Action Battle. If there are any other terms like that which you think are likely to be used by people but which would be more effective if supplemented with RM lingo, let me know.

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The Haunted GIAW starts soon~!

Posted: October 13, 2012, 02:34:14 PM by Zylos

In case you somehow hadn't heard...


Our tenth and special halloween edition of our Game In A Week competition will soon be under way, and this time around there will be awesome prizes handed out to the contestants for all sorts of categories. You might find yourself winning a Steam copy of "To The Moon" or a custom script by our very own scripting guru Modern Algebra, and much much more! So if you haven't looked into it, do so now! There's still time to join up before we begin, and the more competition the better!

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Game in a Week 9 is here!

Posted: March 23, 2012, 09:45:56 PM by modern algebra

GIAW 9 will be starting on Sunday, March 25, 2012, at 12:00 AM. If you have never heard of the Game in a Week contest before, then the rules are very simple; contestants are given EXACTLY one week to create a game using RPG Maker. In the past, we've had times where people have submitted cryogenically frozen pieces of crap as their finished product, while others have submitted intensely wonderful games that have cured cancers. Once the week is up and the games are submitted, the finished projects are then scored by a panel of judges to determine the best of them based on ingenuity, playability, entertainment, and polish. When all is said and done, the winning game creator takes the medal while the losers hide in (super fun) shame.

To celebrate the release of RMVX Ace however, we are adding a requirement that the game be made using RMVX Ace. If you don't yet have RMVX Ace, then you can get it here and you will have a free thirty-day trial, which is more than enough time to create an entry for GIAW!

To sign up, just visit the Competition topic and write a post which indicates your intention to participate.

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Want a free copy of RMVX Ace?

Posted: January 20, 2012, 04:23:13 AM by modern algebra

RPG Maker Web is holding another contest, this one to make a trailer for your game: http://blog.rpgmakerweb.com/announcements/hit-the-high-ad-spots-contest/

If you win, you will get a free copy of RMVX Ace and an early release. You will also be permitted to make the official promo video for RMVX Ace, which isn't really an award so much as an onerous responsibility, but if you pretend it's a boon then you'll have more fun.

Your entry would be due on Thursday, January 26, 2012, just before midnight. Here are the rules:
  • Produce a ~1:30 second ad spot for your game and upload it to Youtube. Email the link to the trailer to community@rpgmakerweb.com with the title line of “Hit the High (Ad) Spots Entry”.
  • The trailer is to be for an RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX project.
  • The trailer may not contain any resource that you do not have the rights to use.
  • The trailer may be for a project you have made in the past, are in the process of making now, are going to make in the future, or even a project you never intend to make at all.
  • The trailer can have already been made before the contest began, just make sure that it obeys all the other rules.
  • All entries must be emailed by 11:59 PM January 26th EST (GMT-5).

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RMRK Game Creation Organizational Revamp for RMVX Ace

Posted: January 04, 2012, 10:40:00 PM by modern algebra

Organization of the Game Creation Section

As you may have noticed, the organizational scheme of the Game Creation section is changing. This is because RPG Maker VX Ace has been released in Japan, and we expect an English version to follow shortly. We are therefore reorganizing the Game Creation section in order to better integrate the new content into the forum. After a public consultation process, I have decided on the following organizational scheme:

  • Game Creation General Chat
  • Projects
    • New Projects
    • Substantial Projects
    • Abandoned Projects
    • Recruitment
    • Reviews
  • Tutorials & Eventing Help
    • Tutorials Database
    • RMVXA Event Systems
    • RMVX Event Systems
    • RMXP Event Systems
  • Resources
    • Graphics
      • Maps
      • Actor
      • Battle
      • System
      • Miscellaneous
    • Audio
    • Movies
  • Scripts
    • RMVXA Scripts Database
    • RMVX Scripts Database
    • RMXP Scripts Database
    • Script Request
  • Program Troubleshooting
  • Other Game Making Programs
    • Game Maker

Notable Changes

The primary changes from the current organization scheme are:
  • While the Projects board has always had three tiers (New Projects -> Substantial Projects -> Finished Projects), these had previously been arranged so that there was a separate subforum for substantial projects for each maker. I do not feel it has been a useful organizational paradigm and so now there is only one Substantial Projects subforum, into which projects made in any maker are moved once they have sufficient content.

  • The biggest change is to the Resource Boards. Previously, it had been organized so that requests are made in the root forum, and there were four subforums - one for RMVX Resources, one for RMXP Resources, one for RM2k/3 Resources, and one for Multiplatform Resources. This scheme is being replaced since there is too much overlap and it becomes very difficult to actually find resources that one is looking for since (a) there is no organizational scheme within the maker boards themselves; and (b) many resources could be within any of the maker boards. As such, it was hard to navigate. For that reason, it is being replaced by three subforums: Audio, which will hold music and sound effects; Movies, which will hold video files that can be played in RMVXA or RM2k3; and Graphics, which will hold all other visual resources. The Graphics subforum is further divided into five subforums: Maps which holds all map-related graphics such as tilesets, parallaxes, and fogs; Actor, which holds graphics relating to actors, such as character sets and face sets; Battle, which holds graphics relating to battles like battlebacks and battlers; and System, which holds graphics like windowskins, title screen graphics, pictures, and icons. Graphics itself, will hold any graphics that do not fit into those categories or threads which contain graphics which may fit into multiple categories. The root forum, Resources will remain the place to request new resources.

  • Previously, there were separate script request boards for both RMXP and RMVX. With the addition of RMVX Ace, I decided it would be best to amalgamate script requests for all three boards into one Script Request board. This is because (a) most scripters can write a script for any maker; and (b) requests can be a source of inspiration for scripters, even if they do not write it in the maker for which it was requested.

  • The RMVX Troubleshooting, RMXP Troubleshooting, RM2k/3 Troubleshooting, and Other Makers Troubleshooting will all be dissolved and integrated into the Program Troubleshooting board. This is simply because there is not a lot of activity in those boards and it is a little more condensed to have them all in one.

Additionally, there are a few more minor changes:
  • The name of the Tutorials has been changed to Tutorials & Eventing Help; while the Tutorials Board has always been for asking questions on how to do things in the program, including eventing, this new name makes it a little more express.

  • An RMVXA Event Systems board will be added to hold plug & play event systems designed in RMVX Ace.

  • An RMVXA Scripts Database board has been added to hold completed scripts for RMVX Ace.

  • The Technical Support board has been renamed to Program Troubleshooting. The board has always been only for problems relating to the execution of the RM programs themselves, but a lot of people would post topics more appropriately suited to the Tutorials or Scripts boards. The name change will hopefully make the purpose of the Board more clear and avoid all that confusion.

These changes will be happening over the next week. While it will probably be a little disorienting at first, I am hopeful that it will improve the navigability of the forum and I am certain we will all get used to it shortly.

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